About Us!

We are dedicated to training our athletes to excel in a high level of competitive cheerleading. We will do out best to help each athlete reach their potential. Our program is USASF certified. The coaches are credentialed by the USASF in the proper levels. We take pride in the cheerleading experience that we provide.


What We Look For!

Tumbling Skills

Well executed tumbling skills are important for each tryout participant no matter the level they are trying to attain. Skills will be performed 2 to 5 times in a certain time period before making a final evaluation of each skill.

The Competitive Score Sheets

Competitive Score Sheets evaluate our teams on the amount of "Squad Skills" (everyone doing a skill) the team possesses. So, it is important for our competitiveness that we strive to max out this portion of the score sheet by having a "team full" of difficult standing and running tumbling skills.

Partner Stunting - This Section Is A Big Deal!

After a person possesses the tumbling skills for a level it is important that they are able to offer a strength somewhere in the "Stunt Section" (base, back spot or flyer). Here is what we look for:

Base & Back Spot:  We are looking for strength and knowledge of proper technique (or potential to learn proper technique in clinic) to make them a good, solid base or back spot.

Flyers:  Aggressive, no fear attitude with good flexibility in the air (body positions in the air) and good awareness/tightness (the ability to squeeze and control body positions).

The more of these 3 spots a person can do well is of great value to the team!

The Competitive Score Sheets

Competitive Score Sheets evaluate our teams on the usage of all members of the team in stunts and pyramids. When all are being used, our teams have a better starting score in the stunt section of the routines (Ex. 20 member teams). We must have at some point 5 to 6 stunts in the air with the personal of that team to have a good starting value. There are other factors included to receive a good score in this section but this is just a starting place.

Jumps & Dance

Jumps:  We'll want to take a look at each athlete's best jump by itself. Then we'll look at their 2 jump, 3 jump or 4 jump series depending on the age group. Jumps will be performed with or without tumbling proceeding the jump series, depending on the level the athlete is trying to attain.

Dance:  In dance evaluation we will observe sharpness of motions, timing of motions with counts, placement of motions and overall performances of the dance. Is it fun to watch? Natural? Confident?

Note:  Each team is much like putting together a complicated puzzle, especially when we are putting together stunt groups. We encourage each athlete to execute individual skills (jumps and tumbling) with proper technique. This is a big deal! With stunts, we encourage everyone to have an attitude of "whatever me team needs me to do, I'll do it, even if it's new to me." Try to be well rounded in all aspects of stunting and you will be of great help to your team.

We hope this information will help everyone understand some of the thought that goes into putting these teams together and with our combined coaching and competition experience, we will make the decisions for each team to be the best that it can be from the start. The evaluations (tryouts) in May are a starting place for this year's teams. This meaning that all athletes will continue to be looked at through the summer months for us to make sure each athlete is where they best suit the team and in a good spot for themselves as well.